I remember you.

I submitted this piece as part of a competition for the National Flash Fiction Day Write-In. The prompt was as follows:

Reading in the Library by Jeanette Sheppard

Write a story that responds in some way to the picture above, in 50 words or fewer.

‘Reading in the Library’ is the first of six images created by Jeanette Sheppard, the National Flash Fiction Day Artist in Residence that feature in the 2019 National Flash Fiction Day Write-In.

The Write-In

My dear friend Julia Calventus Coveney, who also had pieces published in the competition, posted her work on Facebook, which is what led me to write this piece in the first place. Never did I ever imagine it being published on their website! Thank you, Julia, for sharing your work and prompting me to share mine.

Although the image is above, I believe this piece is best experienced with the picture in sight. I’m convinced that scrolling detracts from the mood. Therefore, I will reattach the image below. You know, for the vibe.

I remember you.

I used to remember you in vivid color. Bright, tangible, living clips of memory. Your embrace. Your laugh. Your love.

But memory fades. 

I remember you now in one monochrome moment. Sat together reading in the library. The curl of your hair. Your smile. Still, your love.

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