The magic of everyday life | no.2: love

There has been so much written about love. And I get it. Love is everywhere, and has so many definitions. Yet still it maintains this remarkably ineffable quality about it. I think a lot of people write about things that they don’t entirely understand. This week, I decided that I would try and identify love in snippets of my everyday life. Maybe it’s because yesterday was the 26th anniversary of the day my parents met. Maybe it’s because I’m in college and we’re all emotional when we’re 20. Maybe love really is more deeply ingrained in our lives than I realized. For whatever reason, I was surprised by how much love I found when I went looking. Below, you’ll find messages that I’ve pulled from conversations I’ve had via text/Whatsapp/Instagram/Facebook and other forms of social media in the past week. Each message contains some written expression of love that I’ve shared with an important person in my life this week. Some are explicitly stated, while others just have love sewn into the fabric of the message. In a few, I include the responses of the person I was talking to, because I felt that that was the way in which the love could be best showcased.

A couple of these are just snippets of poems I’d like to write some day, inspired by the love that has emerged in all these conversations. I think the beautiful thing is that it’s pretty hard to tell which ones I wrote with the specific intention of being poetry, and which ones were simply what I thought the persons I love needed to hear in that moment. Life imitates art, I guess.

I hope this piece gets you to reflect on the ways you use your words to show love, even if you’re not the I love you type. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message letting me know if any of these in particular resonates with you. I’d love to hear from you!

love doesn’t choose. it just is.

life is hard and love is hard and death is hard. and sometimes those three things are the same. which is what makes it awful. i love you and i’m sorry it’s hard.

there are no absolutes in life and even fewer in love.

love you with all my heart, Dad.

Hey Dad. I’m going to bed now. Sorry I didn’t call. Love you.

Easy like Sunday morning my love. Rest well.

Tell him I love him. And tell her I love her.

I love when old people at the bus stop blow their cigarette smoke directly into my face.

You’re lucky, usually I have to ask.

10 years already. Wow. Love you.

love you forever.

alrighty bud I gotta go but I love you and I hope your date goes well.

Thinking of you.

Hey it’s 3am and I’m going to bed.

Just saying imy.

Hey it’s the next day and I still miss you.

Thank you and I love you always.

Can you tell your baby hi for me.

You’re on my mind today.

You’re funny.

I gotchu.

I’m here for you in any way I can be.

I’m glad you went to see someone.

Do you man. Hmu when it’s over.

Aight I will.

Just ended.

Gracias mil veces. (Thanks a million)

Sometimes that’s as much as we can conquer in one day. And that’s fine.

To my readers: I look forward to hearing your feedback! If you know someone who you think would like this entry, please share it! Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “The magic of everyday life | no.2: love

  1. Lia,
    I LOVE the second one. I am still experiencing, and much if it is hard, love is so hard sometimes it hurts, and death (a wonderful friend). The empathy if understanding is so lovingly supporting.


  2. So two of your comments resonated with me. I loved the apology to your Dad about not calling. Reminds me of Ethan’s messages now that he’s away and how much I treasure each one. The transition to not having him around has been weird. I also got stuck on the first comment about love not being a choice. “It just is”. So contrary to what I always say – that we have to choose to love everyday. But the truth that we don’t choose who fall in love with is just as real and valid. And those are the best surprises in life. Those are the loved ones that seem to suit us best. God in His infinite wisdom.

    Thanks so much for being honest in your writing. It really forces your readers to reflect deeply as well.


    1. I thought the college parents might be able to relate to that one about not calling. I’m so grateful for my dad’s grace when I slip up.

      And I think you’re right. About choosing to love every day. Yet somehow both statements are true at once. We don’t choose who we love, yet we make the decision to love and show love every day.

      Thanks for reading!


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