I was looking through my writing notebook for inspiration for this week’s post when I saw something I don’t even remember writing. It inspired me to try and write some poetry using that random string of words as a prompt. I haven’t tackled haikus yet, so I decided to give them a go. Here’s the prompt:

“Once upon a time there lived a monster under my bed. We’d have tea parties every night when I couldn’t fall asleep. I miss him a lot. :)”

I like to imagine someone reading these to the monster under their bed at different moments throughout their life. Let me know what you think!

a haiku about pushing through difficulty:

shadows moon and stars

just before the dawn of day

my favorite moment

a haiku about amendments:

i like your pictures

where are you and where am i

can you paint me in

a haiku about letting go:

don’t leave me again

it’s so hard to say goodbye

wait just one more hug

a haiku about growing up:

monster, come back here

i still want to play with you

all alone again.

a haiku about grief:

it’s so dark in here

why can’t i see anything

i can’t stop crying

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