I learned some anatomy today.

What happens in your stomach when you mess up:

The hot acid of guilt bubbles up

Into the pit of your stomach 

And makes it 



It twists and turns in a waltz and

Steps on toes and

Loses count and


What happens in your chest when you realize you’ve fallen out of love:

That tight feeling 

Is actually

The rope you’d been 


The whole time 


Except all of a sudden

There are all these knots and

The more you try to unravel them

The tighter they get 





And the rope breaks.

And the love seeps out of the frayed ends.

What happens at the back of your neck when someone you love hurts you:

The hairs on the back of your neck

Become the spines of a cactus

And all of a sudden you’re in the desert 


But you’re cold.


And the hot desert sun hits your eyes and they 


And water

And don’t stop

Until they’ve run out.

Why your hands get clammy when you’re holding someone else’s:

Your hands don’t understand 

That the sweat leaving them 

Isn’t glue enough to

Hold them together.


But they try

Because what’s the harm

In a couple of clammy hands

Doing their best?

That ball in your throat when you’re trying not to cry:

It’s filled with all the things that went wrong

Surrounded by all the reasons not to break

And dammed by a wall of frail fear that

Is slowly chipped away as

The ball does its best to squeeze its way out.

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