coffee never woke her up like the day she sipped it while listening to the abridged story of your life.

she never breathed as clearly as the moment the breeze swept through your hair and it began to dance.

her heart never beat out of her chest until you called it forth.

words never got caught in her throat til she tried to ask you when she could see you again.


she always thought she’d find her person far away from her little town in her hot and humid corner of the world.

people always saw her for who they thought she should be, until you saw her for who she is.

the birds always sang outside her window, she had just forgotten to listen for them.


other beds had left her cold.

other mornings had been harder to greet.

other lovers invited vile endings and bitter goodbyes, but the daisies and nasturtiums in every laugh that leaves your lips blossom far bigger and smell far sweeter.


sometimes she wonders if she’s moving too fast.

sometimes she has days she’d rather not have.

sometimes she thinks of you more than she reckons she should.


she worries you don’t want always.


second guessing until she remembers you’re thinking of her just as often.

often forgetting that she never said


until someone asked

if she could imagine life with someone


than you.

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