let’s cook

I liked the format of last week’s poem where I typed it on my computer as opposed to straight into WordPress. Let me know if you like this format (is it hard to read? did you prefer it before?). In case you find it difficult to read, I’ve pasted it directly into the reader to facilitate! Thanks for reading.

Also, it’s my sister’s birthday. This poem is for her. Or for me. Or for both of us.

let’s cook like Mom did.


i never wrote down recipes 

or paid much attention to the ingredients 

but i remember 

all the rules i’ll never need like


how to keep the chicken breast moist and

how much cream cheese to use in the dip.


but let’s try anyway.


and we’ll fight over 

how much salt and

parsley and 

tomato and



and we’ll put 

way too much black pepper

in the cheese sauce.


and we’ll argue about tape on 

christmas eve

and we’ll hug in the kitchen.


and you’ll preheat the oven 

and put the pot on the fire.


and i’ll try to act like i know better

and you’ll sometimes let me.


hug me and whisper about how it all feels 

and let me convince you

for once

that you’re not alone.


and i’ll apologize for everything and mourn those 

unfixable sadnesses

that we are living

alone, together.


let’s make the pasta 

and be best friends

and love each other.

3 thoughts on “let’s cook

  1. Un grand MERCI Lia pour ces moments de pur bonheur que tu partages avec tes lecteurs semaine après semaine. Tu nous laisses pénétrer ton jardin secret, et nous ne te le disons pas assez: nous sommes honorés de pouvoir vivre à travers tes récits une partie de Toi. Merci pour les homages ô combien mérités en mémoire de ta Maman. Merci pour être la sœur exemplaire que tu es pour Savana! Merci pour tout! Je t’aime fort.


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