“Twelve days ago, I bought that notebook. Today, I am starting my blog.”

September 22, 2019

“This first quarter has been incredible. I’ll see you again with another update at halftime.”

December 22, 2019

Wow. Six months ago, on September 22, 2019, I decided I had to start my blog. Three months ago, I reflected on how far I’d come a quarter of the way into my 52-week project. A friend asked me today whether I think I’ll keep going–whether there’ll be a week 53. Here at halftime, I feel pretty confident saying yes. This blog means so much to me, and I love so much that I can look back at my writing, my forms of expression, and people’s responses to it every week for the past 6 months. So this week, I want to share 2 lists and a poem: things I’ve learned, pieces I’m proud of, and a reflection on what 6 months can embody in one’s life. Thank you so so SO much for reading.

Things I’ve learned:

  • I really prefer writing poetry to prose.
  • I’ve gotten pretty good at Instagram stories.
  • I think my favorite adjective might be “magical.” I use it a lot.
  • Self-reflection is a crucial part of my grief process (and my life process, too).
  • I still miss my mom, and will probably miss her for the rest of my life.
  • People feel things, and they appreciate seeing those things written down.

Pieces I’m proud of (although each piece I write holds its own special place in my heart. click the name of each piece if you want to read!):

  • Resistance – my most-viewed piece. an interview with the incredible Carla Hill.
  • viaje a la luna – the time I directed and starred in a one-woman show about Federico Garcia Lorca and his love life.
  • monster – the time I found a nonsense quote in my notebook and wrote haikus.
  • anatomy – about how ‘feeling bad’ isn’t just in your head.
  • you’re riding a bus – a piece about anxiety.
  • let’s cook – a piece for my sister.
  • quarantine – literally last week’s piece. i just really liked it. recency bias, maybe?

halftime. a poem about what 6 months might mean.

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