missing midnight

I wrote this poem in large part because, during school holidays, my friends and I made a habit of spending our time together between the hours of 10pm and sunrise. Game nights lasted for hours, and we showed no signs of ever getting sick of each other, somehow. Two weeks into my senior year of college, and one thing (or two?) away from my complete collection of 52 things that matter, it has finally dawned on me that our ‘last’ summer together is over, and that we spent it 6 feet apart from each other in broad daylight, with a curfew curbing our nocturnal fellowship. While this poem isn’t entirely autobiographical, it is heavily based on that feeling of laughing without ceasing, surrounded by the people I love. Does this piece cause a memory or a feeling to bubble up in you? I hope it’s a good one. And I hope you get to feel it again.

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